The Party Never Dies

A Monster High Fearbook Fangzine.

Current Stage: Contributor ApplicationsPlease read out guidelines before applying here!Page Artist Merch Artist Writer


The Party Never Dies is a for profit Monster High themed yearbook celebrating the long lasting impact of the franchise. This project is a love letter from fans in anticipation of the new reboot and will feature moments of the ghouls through school. We hope to celebrate not just the main ghouls but all of the other amazing characters in the franchise.A complete information document will be provided as the interest check concludes.Please consider supporting us!




Mod Roles
Howdy hey! My name's Mari I've only recently gotten into the zine scene but have been an admirer for about 2 years now. I'm the Head mod for Let's Smile Together: A Sanrio Fanzine, Social Media/Graphics mod for Seniorstuck! A Homestuck Yearbook Zine, and card artist for Moon Prisim Tarot

Mod Roles
Hiii!! I'm Rini, I'm so excited for this, I've been dreaming about working on a MH zine for so long, I'm HYPED!!
I've worked on tons of Monster High Collabs over on Instragram such as Fright Club and Power Ghouls!



Mod Roles
Hello!! I'm Alice! I'm a graphic designer, writer, and illustrator that loves videogames and cats! I've worked on a few zines so far and I'm excited to help with this project as the Art Mod! You can check out my fanzine exp. directly on my carrd but I've created/written/formatted zines of my own as well as a children's book so feel free to come to me with questions! :-)



Mod Roles
Production, Organization
Hihi! I'm Arelle and I've been organizing zines for 5+ years. Super excited to see where this goes!



Mod Roles
Finance, Shipping
Birdie here! I'm a fan artist and fashion enthusiast (o˘◡˘o)*: ・゚ My zine experience encompasses 32 zines as an artist, and 13 as a mod. I was the lead/general mod for COUTURE and soop, and have experience in Discord, communications, finance, production, shipping, formatting, and graphics. Just about every role ;D Click here for an updated list of my work!



Mod Roles
Meowdy ny'all! My name's Harper, but most people call me Harp! I'm an illustrator and designer and I'll be handling the graphics! I love all things spooky and cute and have been a fan of mh since I was a kid, so I'm super pumped!
You can see my zine experience here.



Mod Roles
Writing and Formatting
Heyo! I'm Quinn, a very tired gremlin who writes and runs fandom events in my free time.



Mod Roles
Social Media
Hi everyone! I'm VForce (or just V), an aspiring artist and voice actress, and encourager of all kinds of creators. My SocMed mod experiences include Journey of Remembrance, The Nockfell Notebook and Hyrule Apocrypha!


Starred events are subject to change.

Interest CheckOct 1 - Oct 31
Contributor ApplicationNov 6 - Dec 3
Contributor Results*Dec 10
Acceptance DeadlineDec 17
First Check-InJan 21
Second Check-inFeb 11
Final SubmissionsMar 11


What is a zine?
A zine, short for magazine, is an independently produced booklet or project. Fanzines are zines centered around a certain fandom or franchise and tend to be unofficial productions made by fans for fans.
What is this zine's theme?
This zine centers around Monster High characters during their last year of school.
What is this zine's specs?
This zine will be a for profit release. We'll be deciding on if the project is digital or physical during interest check.
Will there be a physical release?
If there's enough interest on the interest check
How many contributors are you accepting?
We’re aiming to feature 20 page artists, 5 writers, and 5 merch artists. These numbers can/will change over the course of the interest check
How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will be given a copy of the zine package prior to release as a thank you for their contributions.
Can I apply for more than one role?
Yes but you will only be accepted for one.
Is there a limit to characters?
Yes, to avoid having the zine be filled with one character we will be putting a limit on how many times a character appears. Our mod team is currently discussing what the most efficient method for this is.
How are pitches selected?
Guest contributors will be given the first pick of pitches and characters. From there, the mod team will select pitches based on what we need to round out the zine. Our goal is to avoid having too much of one particular idea or character.
Can I pair up with a writer? Do I still need to present a pitch?
Yes! Artists who specify that they would like to be paired up with a writer for spot art will be sent pitches by writers in our Discord server. In the event a spot artist doesn’t like any of the pitches they can draw one of the pitches provided from their app.
Can I apply as a team/collaboration?
Yes, so long as all members qualify as stated in our information document.
Who is allowed to apply?
All applicants should be 18+ at the time of application and have a Discord account.
Are you looking for intern mods?
At this time, no.
Will everyone who applies get an email regardless of their results?
Yes, result emails will be sent to everyone who applies though we cannot promise to include critic.
Have a question you don't see? Feel free to submit questions.